Physicians for Peace Philippines Team Visits Caramoan

Philippines team visits one of the remotest island in Caramoam, Gogon Elem School in Lahug Caramoan, to deliver vision care and hearing health care services sponsored by Dulce Obias-Manno and Manila Elks club Lodge 761. Land and sea travel combined, to deliver our health services. Thank you Dulce and family for hosting. Thank you Wilma M. Nieva OD , Carlina Regodon OD and Audiologist Myra Guiwo-Lesniana for providing the health services  #SaveTheSightOfChildren #HearingHealthCare #InMemoryofMaricoyObiasBonnefoy


Aha moments!!! During the healthcare mission in Gogon Elementary School, considered a last mile school in Caramoan, the boatman learned that we will do hearing healthcare in the island. He asked if we can include his hearing impaired son, of course , we said yes. Little did we know, that the one assisting us in the boat is his son , Alkian. Alkian underwent audio test , Audio showed he has perforated eardrum, and aggravated mostly for the kind of work he does as a boatman. Alkian received his hearing aid on that day from us. On our way back to Caramoan proper, while Alkian was again carrying all our stuff back to the boat and while waiting for our turn to ride the boat, one of PFP team from afar called Alkian and when he immetiately turned around to acknowledge, we all clapped our hands with joy, instantly! It was just an awesome feeling, we just touched the life of Alkian! The little we did for him was worth our trip.  #physicianforpeaceph #ElksClubManila  #Obiasfamily