Physicians for Peace Healthcare Mission in San Andres Quezon

Physicians for Peace healthcare mission in San Andres Quezon: Vision care, Breast and Cervical screening and prostheses and wheelchair assessment in partnership with LGU San Andres. Thank you Atty. Fred Lim and family for hosting

Joemarie is 12 years old, suffered stroke and mother had to piggyback him to school. Although he struggles going up to his wheelchair donated by Physicians for Peace , he was very happy he finally got one. Joemarie knew about that we are giving wheelchairs through FB posts.  #physiciansforpeaceph #LGUSanAndresQuezon  #healthcaremission

Heartbreaking when you see children with disabilities. Vince is 4 years old, blind and with an amputated leg. Alea, 8 years old has club foot deformities. Physicians for Peace will provide artificial leg to Vince and we will try to have him undergo thorough eye check at Unicef/PFP Children with Disabilities Center at PGH, while Alea will get her hi cut shoes while we are waiting for parents to decide for Alea to undergo surgery.  #miserableAndpitifulsightsduringmissions  #PFPHealthcaremission #LGUSanAndresQuezonPartnership