Healthcare Mission in Tigaon, Cam Sur

It was another fulfilling day knowing we put smile on the faces of many people in today’s healthcare mission in Tigaon Cam Sur. Santa Clara Academy (now Sienna College) Batch 71 and the SCA Alumni Association showed our fellow Tigaoeños, We Care!  #mobility #Eyecare #provisionofwheelchairsandmobilitydevices  #provisionofprescriptioneyeglasses #breastandcervicalscreening

Rayhlee has cerebral palsy. Family waited for many years to get the right wheelchair for their daughter. Her father is a seafarer. The mother, who traveled all the way from Daet cam Sur for 5 hours, was all tears when she got one today during our healthcare mission in Tigaon Cam Sur with the Sta Clara Academy Alumni Assn and with special support from Phil Japan Manning Consultative Council( PJMCC). Thank you Latter Day Saints Charities for the wheelchair.