First Recipient – Cotabato Regional and Medical Center

First recipient received prothesis at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of CRMC
October 19, 2022, Cotabato Regional and Medical Center in partnership with the Physician for Peace Philippines provided the first prosthesis to the first prescreened recipient. This is the realization of the first coordination of both group last August 31, 2022. The activity was held at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department this afternoon headed by our in-house Physiatrist, Dr. Jhoana Marie J. Zambrano. The patient and family also received instructions on the proper care of the prosthesis.

This is one of the aims of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the CRMC to help impaired patients or amputee patients to regain and restore the pain-free and comfortable movement and overall health that a person experienced prior to an injury, illness, or disability. A prosthetic is an artificial limb that replaces a missing body part. Its goal is to replace as much function of the original limb as possible. At the very least, a prosthetic should help an amputee take care of necessary daily activities such as eating, walking and being able to get dressed on their own.

This activity will not be possible without the support of the management of CRMC headed by our Medical Center Chief, Dr. Ishmael R. Dimaren. The family of the recipient expressed their gratitude to the management of the hospital. This is the just the first activity of the partnership between CRMC and Physician for Peace Philippines. Tomorrow, October 20, 2022, will be the amputee mission of the hospital in collaboration with PFPPI and the LGU of Cotabato City. This only shows that CRMC is committed to its mission which is to bring the services to the general public.