We Made Children Happy in Tigaon North Elementary

We made many children smile and happy in Tigaon North Elementary when we dispensed their prescription eyeglasses , as a result of the Vision screening , colour blindness test and Error of Refraction , Physicians for Peace Philippines conducted two weeks ago in partnership with Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and the Sienna College, formerly Sta. Clara Academy, my Alma Mater. And bonus was when we helped two hearing impaired patients, hear again because we brought the two hearing aid units , which were extras from the mission in Gogon Elem School in Caramoan, the day before!  Thank you Carlina Regodon O.D. , Wilma Wilma M. Nieva O.D and Myra Guiwo-Lesniana , Audiologist, for providing the services. The good Lord made all these happen!  #togethermuchcanbedone #RCNaga #RCGoaPartido