October 23, 2019

Women’s Health

Globally, Cancer is the second leading cause of death and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 Million preventable deaths annually in 2018 or 1 for every 6 global deaths. In the Philippines, Cancers are third among the causes of death in the 2015 Philippine Health Statistics and is responsible for more than 60,000 deaths per year or 1 for every 10 deaths is due to cancers or malignant neoplasms.

Given this reality, the Physicians for Peace Philippines (PFPP) Board of Trustees has approved a new project called “Women’s Health Screening Project,” the latest in the many projects undertaken by the organization.

From helping amputees walk again, restoring eyesight of nearly blind, doing preventive measures by early detection of eye impairments of children in schools, healing the emotional and physical scars of burn victims and provides intervention and conducting clinical care to those who are hearing impaired as well as extending our health services to creating health policies and conducting research, PFPP is proud to announce the addition of “Women’s Health Screening Project” as part of our growing services. 

Naga Photo 1

The project aims to provide screening services for Women particularly for breast and cervical cancers and does not just allow access to vital services but also provide preventive services through screening instead of the usual rehabilitative or curative services. It is more cost-effective too since it prevents severe illness through early detection of cancer.

On October 11, 2019, PFPP officially launched the Women’s Health Screening Project in Naga City through the help of and partnership with Rotary International District 3820 under the leadership of Governor Everett Olivan and Rotary Club of Naga led by President Dennis Caramoan. 

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The launching also coincides with the celebration of International Day of the Girl Child. Since 2012, October 11 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Day of the Girl which aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. 

PFPP organized a simple program to present the concept of Women’s Health Screening Project at SM City Naga Activity Center. PFPP Trustee and Program Director, Former DOH Secretary Dr. Paulyn Ubial and Ms. Carmen Zubiaga, former Executive Director of National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) also conducted lectures on Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women, including women with disabilities. 

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Health workers and women of reproductive ages from the towns of Naga, Tigaon, Goa, Ocampo, Sagñay and San Jose attended the event. PFPP also invited the group of women with disabilities to effectively create awareness on the importance of breast and cervical cancer screening for women’s health.

The program was followed by the free screening activity at CBD Hotel where four rooms were converted into clinical setting for the breast and cervical cancer screening of women. Almost a hundred of women were screened during the activity and 25 of them are women with disabilities. 

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Aside from the free screening, health workers were also trained on how to conduct breast and cervical cancer screening for their health offices. PFPP also distributed vitamins such as Calcium tablets and Ferrous Sulfate with Folic Acid tablets for those who attended the event. 

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It was a very successful launching of PFPP’s Women’s Health Screening Project in Naga City and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the towns of Naga, Tigaon, Goa, Ocampo, Sagñay and San Jose, the Provincial Health Office of Camarines Sur and Bicol Medical Center for supporting our project.

We would also like to thank Rotary International District 3820 and Rotary Club of Naga for partnering with us and embracing our new project.

With the success of the launch, many Rotary Clubs have signified their interest in the project for their future club activities. We will also include the Women’s Health Screening Project on our upcoming Tagum, Davao Multi-Specialty Mission on January 2020.